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Marathon / Geomorphic River Crossing

PPIM 2024

Common Ground Alliance 2022

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World Pipelines Magazine - May 2024

Welcoming Thomas Wolf as new board member

Non-Contact, Drone-Based Technology for Movement Assessment

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SKIPPER NDT : laureate of the FRENCH TECH 2030 program

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i-LAB – National research Award

French Ministry of Research and Innovation award.

i-Nov - Concours

French government Innovation award.

Innov’up proto

Paris region award.

Horizon 2020

European Commission award.

GreenTech verte

French Ministry of Ecology award.

Solar Impulse foundation

Efficient Solution Label.


French energy association.


Paris Region Accelerator.

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Water and energy pipes are subject to damage by third-party work, often due to poor geolocation. The SKIPPER NDT solution for georeferencing pipelines offers proven advantages in terms of operator safety, accuracy and cost. SKIPPER NDT’s continuous R&D efforts help improve performance and expand the scope of applications.