Patented technology with proven performances


The Skipper UAV-based solution is a key vector for the automation and precision of magnetic georeferencing. It consists of our proprietary electronic card, four 3-axis fluxgate magnetic sensors, a topographic GPS as well as a high-precision inertial unit.  

Ground-based mobile equipment

The Skipper Field Machine is made up of the same advanced electronic equipment as the Skipper Drone. The proximity of sensors to the ground makes a more in-depth inspection possible.

Skipper NDT technology is based on the development of hardware and software tools. The electronic card that we developed to rigorous specifications allows us to couple different types of sensors while guaranteeing the minimum possible noise (in the order of nT).


Through continuous development of the Skipper NDT software tools, we aim to optimize our computer-based processes and deliver the best possible results to our clients.


Water and energy pipes are subject to damage by third-party work, often due to poor geolocation. The SKIPPER NDT solution for georeferencing pipelines offers proven advantages in terms of operator safety, accuracy and cost. SKIPPER NDT’s continuous R&D efforts help improve performance and expand the scope of applications.