NDT - Contactless magnetic inspection | Services
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Integrity, decision support

SKIPPER NDT offers a comprehensive service, which includes magnetic readings in the field, data processing and analysis, as well as decision support for the location of recommended excavations.


SKIPPER NDT’s experts, with a combined experience of over 100 years in pipeline maintenance and integrity, collaborate with our team of signal processing specialists to offer a reliable decision support to operators’ integrity services.

Regulatory compliance

Regulations for the safety of unpiggable pipelines are becoming more stringent around the world.

There was no satisfactory solution meeting the expectations of regulatory agencies.

Thanks to the reliability of the SKIPPER NDT technology and its proven results to date, the SKIPPER NDT inspection reports constitute a comprehensive regulatory compliance tool.

Follow-up & recommendations

SKIPPER NDT does not offer a mere inspection, but rather a comprehensive audit

encompassing the pipeline history and other measurements eventually performed.

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